Advanced Woo Labels

Product Labels for WooCommerce

Easily create and manage labels for any of your WooCommerce products. Use advanced features like label display conditions, text variables, styling options, etc.

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Labels and Labels Groups

  • Show everywhere

    Show labels inside archive loops and on product single pages.

  • Unlimited labels

    Create unlimited number of fully different labels for each WooCommerce product. There are no limitations on how many labels one product can have.

  • Labels groups

    Show several labels inside each product display position.

  • Group options

    Set distance between labels inside each group. Choose labels align. Set the maximal number of labels per display position and per each product. Specify labels priority or just disable any of them.

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Label groups inside one product

Labels Positions

  • Positions

    Display label in two positions: on product image or before title. .

  • Align

    Align label with before title position to left, center or right. For on image position it is possible to choose from 9 positions: left top, center top, right top, left center, center center, right center, left bottom, center bottom, right bottom.

  • Hooks options

    Plugin uses WooCommerce hooks to display labels. And it is possible to change these hooks right from the plugin settings page. This means that you can place your labels at any place relative to the WooCommerce product.

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Different labels positions

Labels Display Conditions

Show labels based on specific product, page, user or date/time conditions.
  • Product conditions

    Use labels to display conditions that are based on product fields. For example, stock status, sale status, is featured, product category, price range, etc.

  • Page conditions

    Display labels only on certain pages by using special conditions. For example, page template, page type, page ID, etc..

  • User conditions

    Show labels only for specific users by using conditions like user role, user country, user language, user device, user cart, user purchases.

  • Date/time conditions

    Show labels only on specific date/time, date/time range or day of week.

  • Mixed logic

    Mix label display conditions with AND or OR operators.

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Labels Conditions Rules

Create Unique Labels

There are an unlimited number of variations of how labels can look like and what information they will show.

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Customize Labels Text

  • Plain text

    Write any text inside product labels.

  • Text variables

    Use special text variables to show important product information like price, sale price, discount percentage/amount, quantity, category, etc.

  • Emojis

    Use any emoji inside the label text to attract users attention.

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Customize Labels Text

Styling options

Create an unlimited number of fully unique labels with powerful styling options.
  • Label shapes

    Choose from one of predefined shapes for your labels.

  • Colors

    Choose label background color and text color.

  • Font styles

    Change font color, font size, font style.

  • Margin, padding

    Set margin and padding individually for each label.

  • Borders

    Customize border size and border color.

  • Shadow

    Set label shadow and customize its size.

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Styling options

Image Labels

Set any uploaded image as your product label or use one of predefined ones.
  • Choose an image

    Select image from the list of predefined ones.

  • Upload a custom image

    Upload any custom image and use it as your label.

  • SVG images

    Use SVG images along with standard png/jpg/gif.

  • Set image size

    Make the image bigger or smaller right from the admin screen.

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Image labels

Packed with all needed features

Plugin comes with features that cover almost all your needs.

Label groups

Several labels on the same position for the same product combined in groups. Set group alignment, distance, max number of labels.

Unlimited labels

Show unlimited number of labels for each WooCommerce product.

Theme compliance

We work hard to make labels compatible with almost all available themes.


In order to use labels correctly for each language used in your website.

Fast and lightweight

Plugin doesn't load any css or js files and won't slow down your pages.

Style options

Great label style option to create an unlimited number of totally different labels.

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Picture is worth a thousand words. View gallery to learn about all main plugin features.

Labels and labels groups
Labels and labels groups
Create unlimited number of labels and display theme everywhere
Create unlimited number of labels and display theme everywhere
Show labels on product details page
Show labels on product details page
Labels styling options
Labels styling options
Labels styling options. Admin page
Labels styling options. Admin page
Labels positions
Labels positions
Change labels text and use special text variables
Change labels text and use special text variables
Labels edit page. Text option
Labels edit page. Text option
Labels conditions options
Labels conditions options
Labels conditions. Admin page
Labels conditions. Admin page
Admin labels page
Admin labels page
Image label type
Image label type
Emojis support
Emojis support
Label custom links
Label custom links
ACF plugin support
Label custom links
WCFM / Dokan / MultiVendorX plugins support
WCFM / Dokan / MultiVendorX plugins support

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Great plugin. Great support.
A plugin is a tool – it has to do what it claims to do. This plugin is easy to use and tune. I had a tiny issue which was quickly solved by support team. I do recommend this plugin!
Best Woo Labels plugin by far!
Excellent plugin followed by an excellent support!
Worth buying this if you need more flexibility.
Great and Effective
Great plugin. Do a wonderful job using labels in catalog and product page with nice customizations.
I was looking for a plugin to add labels. Spent hours testing and trying out what was available only to be disappointed each time or not totally satisfied with what was offered. Then fell upon this plugin Advanced Woo Labels and gave it a go! after playing around and testing I realized it was just Phenomenal compared to the competition! You can do anything you want with Text labels and Image labels(Pro version) ... read more
Quick, simple and effective
Just what I needed, very quick to set up and works perfectly with my client’s Divi theme eCommerce website. The free version can be easily styled, with and without Custom CSS. Excellent, many thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers for your questions. Also view full FAQ page.
Advanced Woo Labels is an advanced product labels plugin for WooCommerce shops. It's packed with many useful features like
  • Create unlimited number of labels for each WooCommerce product.
  • Display label in two positions: on product image or before title. Align label at any side of this position.
  • Use custom text variables inside product labels. This text variables can display specific product related information like Price, Sale price, Discount percentage, Discount amount, SKU, Quantity.
  • Choose from several predefined label shapes.
  • Label conditions. Show labels based on specific product, page or user conditions. Combine conditions to ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ groups to create more complex label rules.
  • Use label styling options to change label color, font color, font size, opacity, paddings and margins, set any other custom css individually for each label.
  • and many more...
Please visit features page for a full list of available features.
Plugin labels will work with most of the available WordPress themes. If you faced any problems using the plugin with your theme plugin contact support.
Yes. If you're not completely happy with your purchase and we're unable to resolve the issue, let us know and we'll refund the full purchase price. Refunds can be processed within 30 days of the original purchase.
License key is used to enable plugin automatic updates. You need to activate your license key for each of your websites. This key can be activated from your WordPress dashboard’s plugin page. License key can be activated, deactivated and upgraded at any time.
Yes. Licenses are renewed automatically each year to give you continued access to updates. You may also opt-out from auto renewals in favour of manual control from you online account.
Plugin will continue to work, but you will no longer receive plugin updates or support.
Advanced Woo Labels does not collect or store information about your site's visitors, such as IP address, location, or any other identifying information. So yes, it is fully GDPR compliant.
Yes! Top-notch customer support for our paid customers is key for a quality product, so we'll do our very best to resolve any issues you encounter via our support page.
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