Frequently asked questions about Advanced Woo Labels plugin.

Pre-purchase Questions
Yes. If you're not completely happy with your purchase and we're unable to resolve the issue, let us know and we'll refund the full purchase price. Refunds can be processed within 30 days of the original purchase.
Checkout is powered FastSpring company. They support major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and a variety of other mainstream payment methods, so there’s plenty to pick from.
All plans are year-to-year.
Yes, if you ever decide that this plugin isn't the best for your business, simply cancel your account from your Account panel. You'll still be able to use the plugin without updates or support.
Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Just login to the Customers Portal and click on the Change button near the license type field.
Of course. As long as you have sufficient number of unused license activations you can enable the plugin on the client site and he will start to receive all automatic plugin updates.
Prices are shown in USD excluding any taxes. Depending on your billing location, tax may be applied during checkout. If your EU company has a registered VAT number, please enter this during checkout for VAT exemption.
You will receive your invoice inside an email that will be send after the purchase. Also invoices for all your order can be found inside Customer portal.
Invoice can download in web or PDF formats.
We do not provide trial software, instead we invite you to try the plugin risk free with our 30 day money back guarantee.
Advanced Woo Labels website uses FastSpring as payment processor. It supports paying via both credit cards and Paypal. It’s simple, intuitive and works pretty well for us over the years. If you have any problem with payment, please follow these troubleshooting steps. If it doesn't help please contact support.
Credit card is not accepted
There are various reasons to this problem, please see the following:
1. Browser error
Your browser is interacting with our payment form in a weird way.
Solution: Please try the purchase again in a different browser. If you use an ads block extension for Chrome or Firefox, please disable it and try again.
2. The credit card provider is blocking the purchase
Sometimes a bank or provider will flag transactions that happen online (usually for small amounts).
Solution: Please contact your bank/provider and let them know what’s happening. The card provider will be able to “whitelist” FastSpring.
I don’t have a credit card
No problem, please switch to Paypal in the payment popup. We do support buying via Paypal.
I enter a wrong email
Please contact us to change your account email.
Advanced Woo Labels does not collect or store information about your site's visitors, such as IP address, location, or any other identifying information. So yes, it is fully GDPR compliant.
License Questions
License key is used to enable plugin automatic updates. You need to activate your license key for each of your websites. This key can be activated from your WordPress dashboard’s plugin page. License key can be activated, deactivated and upgraded at any time.
To activate your PRO license, you need to paste your license key into the available space on the page at Adv. Woo Labels > Updates. Then click the Activate License button.
You can find this key inside an email that will be sent after the purchase or by accessing the customer portal.
For a more detailed guide please visit our guide: Plugin Updates.
Yes. Licenses are renewed automatically each year to give you continued access to updates. You may also opt-out from auto renewals in favour of manual control from you online account.
Plugin will continue to work, but you will no longer receive plugin updates or support.
After the purchase I will receive an email with plugin files and also with credentials for user portal. There you can download the latest plugin version, view and upgrade your license key, view license activations, view and print invoices for all your orders.
It depends on the plan type that you choose during the purchase. You can choose from single or multiple site plans. You need to activate your license key on every site in order to receive plugin updates.
Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Just login to the User Portal and click on the Change button near the license type field.
If you have a domain name per site (aka domain mapping), you will need an additional licence for each one. If you use subdomains or subfolders, one license is sufficient.
Note: You must enable Advanced Woo Labels license separately on each site within your network. Do not network-activate.
Of course! You can activate or deactivate a license from the plugin admin panel at any time. You can also manage your license keys directly from your account.
No, you can activate your license on an unlimited number of test/development sites. The only requirement is that the URL of your site must match some patterns. Learn more.
General Plugin Questions
Advanced Woo Labels is an advanced product labels plugin for WooCommerce shops. It's packed with many useful features like
  • Create unlimited number of labels for each WooCommerce product.
  • Display label in two positions: on product image or before title. Align label at any side of this position.
  • Use custom text variables inside product labels. This text variables can display specific product related information like Price, Sale price, Discount percentage, Discount amount, SKU, Quantity.
  • Choose from several predefined label shapes.
  • Label conditions. Show labels based on specific product, page or user conditions. Combine conditions to ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ groups to create more complex label rules.
  • Use label styling options to change label color, font color, font size, opacity, paddings and margins, set any other custom css individually for each label.
  • and many more...
Please visit features page for a full list of available features.
Please visit features page to view all available plugin features and read about all differences between these two plugin versions.
Advanced Woo Labels is a plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites, or hosted sites that allow installation of third party plugins.
Advanced Woo Labels requires the following at minimum to work properly:
  • WordPress 4.0 or greater
  • WooCommerce 3.0.0 or greater
  • PHP 5.5 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or MariaDB 10.0 or greater
  • Apache or Nginx server (recommended, but other options may work as well)
Please read the guide article about installation steps: Installation.
Please read the guide article about creating new labels: Create New Label.
In order to start showing plugin labels you need to take the following steps:
  • 1. Installation. Install and activate the plugin by following these steps.
  • 2. Create new labels. Go to Adv. Woo Labels -> Add New page and set all necessary option for you labels.
  • 3. Set plugin settings. Leave it to default values or customize some of them.
  • 5. Finish! Now all is set and you can check how labels are displayed in your shop.
Plugin labels will work with most of the available WordPress themes. If you faced any problems using the plugin with your theme plugin contact support.
Advanced Woo Labels works with many plugins out-of-the-box. For some of the most popular plugins we manually check proper work of integration features. It is the plugins like Advanced Custom Fields, WPML, Polylang, Elementor, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, BeRocket AJAX Product Filters, FacetWP and many more.

Note that if some of the plugin is not presented in the list it doesn't mean that it will not work with Advanced Woo Labels. Many plugins will just work without any extra effort. But if you find any problem with your plugin and Advanced Woo Labels please contact the support team.
The most common reason for this is that your theme doesn't supports common WooCommerce hooks that plugin use to display labels.

You can try to fix this issue by yourself by navigating to Adv. Woo Labels -> Settings page and find Hooks option. Here you can set new hooks that will be used to display product labels. But in this case you need to know what hooks to use for your current theme. More details - Hooks Settings.

Also you can contact support team and we will be happy to help you.
You can choose from two label positions - on product image and above product title. There are no additional positions that you can choose from. But you can use Hooks option to change WooCommerce hooks that used to display labels and, as a result, change label positions to any other.
More details - Hooks Settings.
Yes. All these and even more can be done with the label display conditions. Read more - Label Conditions.
Yes. You can do this from the plugin settings page. Go to Adv. Woo Labels -> Settings page and find Show default 'sale' label and Show default 'out-of-stock' label .
Yes. It is possible with the PRO plugin version. More information: Image Labels.
No. You can display as many labels as you want for each of your product.
But there are two special options inside the plugin settings page that set a limit in total number of labels per product and per product labels location. You can change these options at any time and set any numbers here. Just go to Adv. Woo Labels -> Settings page and find Max. number of labels per product and Max. number of labels per position options.
No. All your settings and forms will be in place. It is only required to re-index the plugin table in order to use PRO features.
Also when installing and activating PRO plugin version FREE version is no longer needed and can be removed.
Downloads/Updates Questions
After the purchase you will receive email with the plugin download link and license key for activating plugin updates.
Also download is possible from the customer account page on our site.
To see the list of purchases, please login to Account page with your account credentials (which are sent to you when purchasing).
You can update your plugin in two ways - automatically or manually.
  • Automatically update - after installing and activating the plugin go to the Adv. Woo Labels -> Updates page and enter your license key.
  • Manual update: just re-download the plugin from your Account page and upload the plugin to your website, overwrite old files.
Yes. New updates are released almost every 2 weeks to give customers the best usage experience and fix any issues as fast as possible.
You can find changelogs for the FREE and PRO plugin versions inside guide: Free version changelog, Pro version changelog.
Support Questions
Yes! Top-notch customer support for our paid customers is key for a quality product, so we'll do our very best to resolve any issues you encounter via our support page.
Support is accessible to all paid customers who have active license of the plugin.
We strive to answer all support requests within 24 hours excluding weekends.
Sure. Please write your request to us by using our our contact page.
Customization is possible as separated paid service. If you are interested - please contact us through our contact form with a detailed description of customization that you need.
Customization means modifying the appearance or functionality of the plugin beyond what the plugin options provide.
Download free version

Download free version from repository.

Purchase pro version

Read about differences between free and pro versions here.