Description of most important plugin features.

Settings Page

Plugin settings page and usefull options inside it.

Label Conditions

User powerful label display conditions to show labels only for needed products, pages or users.

Text Variables

Use text variables to display product related information inside the label ( like price, quantity, sku, etc. ).

Styling Settings

Learn about dfferent styling options for product labels.

Labels Groups

Learn how you can show several labels inside one product and how these labels are grouped.

Hooks Settings

With special hooks option it is possible to change default WordPress hooks that used to show labels. Use it if labels are not displayed for your theme or if you want to change labels positions.

Image Labels

How to set-up and use image labels.

Advanced Custom Fields ( ACF ) support

Learn about advanced integration with Advanced Custom Fields ( ACF ) plugin. Display custom fields values inside labels and use fields data as conditions for labels displaying.