Here you can find description of main plugin features and some how-to solutions.

Create New Label

After installing and activating the plugin second thing that you need to do - is create your first label.
Go to Adv. Woo Labels -> All Label and click Add Label button.
After this you will see following page

Label edit page

Label edit page

There are several groups of options available here.

Title - Label title. Only visible inside WordPress admin dashboard and can be used as description for current label.

Label conditions - Label conditions rules. By using these rules you can describe for what products, pages and users current label must be shown. More about conditions.

Label settings - Label settings that are responsible for the appearance and content of the label. Here you can set label text ( and use text variables ) and customize label styling.
Also here you can find a preview section. In this section you can see a label preview that will immediately reflect all changes that you made inside the settings box. This preview shows exactly how the label will look on website pages.

Publish box - Inside this box there is a link to publish a newly created label or change its status ( draft, published ). Draft labels won't be visible on website pages. Also here you can create a full copy or current label with all its settings by clicking Duplicate label link.

Status - Disable or enable label. Disabled labels won't be visible on website pages.

Priority - Priority of labels. Higher is better. This option is actual when you have several labels inside one product. In this case labels with higher priority will be shown first ( see label groups ).


Labels Dashboard

All created labels can be found in one place. Just visit Adv. Woo Labels -> All Label page.

Labels page

Labels page

From this page you can quickly navigate through all labels, preview each of it, search, duplicate, edit and make some bulk actions.