New Label Creation

How to create your first label.

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Creating Your First Label

After installing and activating the plugin second thing that you need to do - is create your first label.
Go to Adv. Woo Labels -> All Label and click Add Label button.

After this you will see following page:

Label edit page

Label edit page

There are several groups of options available here.

- Title - Label title. Only visible inside WordPress admin dashboard and can be used as description for current label.

- Label conditions - Label conditions rules. By using these rules you can describe for what products, pages and users current label must be shown. More about conditions.

- Label settings - Label settings that are responsible for the appearance and content of the label. Here you can set label text ( and use text variables ) and customize label styling.
Also here you can find a preview section. In this section you can see a label preview that will immediately reflect all changes that you made inside the settings box. This preview shows exactly how the label will look on website pages.

Here is the list of all available labels settings inside this box:
    - Label type - set type of label: shape with text or image ( PRO version only ).
    - Label text - choose what text to display inside the label. Here you can set plain text or one of text variables.
    - Template - shape for text label. Choose one of predefined ones. Find more shapes with the PRO plugin version.
    - Position type - labels position relative to product fields. Choose from on image and before title.
    - Position - align of label ( left, center, right ). Also additionally choose from top, center, bottom for on image position type.
    - Custom Styles - by checking this box you can set some additional label styling options.

- Publish box - Inside this box there is a link to publish a newly created label or change its status ( draft, published ). Draft labels won't be visible on website pages. Also here you can create a full copy or current label with all its settings by clicking Duplicate label link.

- Status - Disable or enable label. Disabled labels won't be visible on website pages.

- Priority - Priority of labels. Higher is better. This option is actual when you have several labels inside one product. In this case labels with higher priority will be shown first ( see label groups ).

When all needed options are set all you need is to hit the Publish button. Now your label is active and you can find it for each of your store products that meet included display conditions.

Labels Dashboard

All created labels can be found in one place. Just visit Adv. Woo Labels -> All Label page.

Labels page

Labels page

From this page you can quickly navigate through all labels, preview each of it, search, duplicate, edit and make some bulk actions.