Steps to Get Started

Follow these steps for a quick start.

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To make your first experience with the plugin as simple as possible we provided the list of simple steps that you need to follow to make plugin works for you. By following these steps you begin with plugin installation and end-up with creating and displaying your first product label.

This article contains only a short intro. Additional links to the more detailed articles will be provided for each step.

Get started steps

1. Install and activate the Advanced Woo Labels plugin. More.

2. Create your first label.
    - Go to the label edit page. More.
    - Set labels display conditions. More.
    - Choose label text variable ( optional ). More.
    - Set label styles ( optional ). More.

3. Check plugin settings page ( optional ). More.

4. Finish! All is set and you can find created labels on your shop products according to selected label display conditions.