Advanced Woo Labels PRO

AWL PRO includes all features available in the free plugin version plus many more other cool stuff like image labels, emojis support, labels link, additional style, display condition, text variables and many more.

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Feature #1

Image Labels

Use one of predefined images as a product label or upload your custom one. Use png/jpg/gif or SVG images.
  • Upload a custom image or use one of predefined
  • Use png/jpg/gif/svg images
  • Set any image size
  • Set image opacity
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Image Labels
Feature #2

More Label Shapes

Choose from a variety of different templates for your text label to attract users attention.
  • Choose from several new label shapes
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More Label Shapes
Feature #3

Emojis Support

Use any emoji inside the text label. Mix theme with text variables, plain text to other emojis.
  • Use any emoji inside the label
  • Use emojis together with plain text/text vars
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Emojis Support
Feature #4

More Label Conditions

Number of label conditions has been significantly increased. Now you can create more complex label display rules by using additional conditions.
  • More product related conditions
  • User based conditions
  • Page based conditions
  • Date/time conditions
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More Label Conditions
Feature #5

More Text Variables

Use some additional text variables to make labels text even more attractive and product-specific.
  • Additional text variables
  • Attributes, taxonomies, custom fields display
  • Math calculations with new CALC function
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More Text Variables
Feature #6

Label Custom Links

Add any custom link inside your label. So now your product labels not just tell users some important information but can contain some useful links.
  • Link label to any page
  • Works with all label types
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Label Custom Links
Feature #7

Label Styles

Use even more label styling options to fully adapt it to your needs.
  • Set label shadows
  • Set label borders color
  • Set label borders size
  • Additional label templates
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Label Styles
Feature #8

ACF Plugin Support

Advanced integration with Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Show value of any ACF field inside label. Also set label display conditions based on ACF fields values.
  • Display ACF fields values inside labels
  • Conditions based on ACF fields
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ACF Plugin Support
Feature #9

WCFM / Dokan / MultiVendorX Plugins Support

Build-in integration with WCFM Multivendor Marketplace,Dokan WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace and MultiVendorX plugins. Show vendor related data inside product labels and create special labels display conditions based on these data.
  • Show vendor data via text variables
  • Label display conditions based on vendor data
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WCFM Plugin Support

Priority Support

You will benefit from our full support for any issues you have with this plugin.
  • Always ready to help
  • Fast and professional support
Priority Support


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Image label type PRO
Image label type
Image label type. Admin page PRO
Image label type. Admin page
Pro styling options. Admin page PRO
Pro styling options. Admin page
New label templates for PRO version PRO
New label templates for PRO version
Additional text variables for PRO version PRO
Additional text variables for PRO version
Additional labels conditions with PRO version PRO
Additional labels conditions with PRO version
Date conditions in PRO version PRO
Date conditions in PRO version
Page conditions in PRO version PRO
Page conditions in PRO version
Users conditions in PRO version PRO
Users conditions in PRO version
Emojis support PRO
Emojis support
Label custom links PRO
Label custom links
ACF plugin support PRO
ACF plugin support
WCFM / Dokan / MultiVendorX plugins support PRO
WCFM / Dokan / MultiVendorX plugins support

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. If you're not completely happy with your purchase and we're unable to resolve the issue, let us know and we'll refund the full purchase price. Refunds can be processed within 30 days of the original purchase.
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All plans are year-to-year.
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