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Text Variables

Examples of text variables

Examples of text variables

Inside the label edit page it is possible to set label text and also use special text variables.
Text variables can display some information related to the current WooCommerce products.

Label text option

Label text option

Here is the list of currently available text variables:

{PRICE} - Product regular price.

{SALE_PRICE} - Product sale price.

{SAVE_PERCENT} - Product discount percentage.

{SAVE_AMOUNT} - Product discount amount.

{SALE_ENDS} - Days left till product sale ends.

{SYMBOL} - Currency symbol.

{QTY} - Product quantity.

{SKU} - Product SKU.

{SALES_NUM} - Number of product sales for last x days or for all time.

{REVIEWS_NUM} - Number of product reviews for last x days or for all time.

{RATING} - Average product rating.

{ATTR:slug} - Values list for any product attribute. For example, use {ATTR:color} to display available product colors.

{TAX:slug} - List of terms for any available product taxonomy. For example, use {TAX:product_cat} to display product categories.

{META:name} - Value of any custom fields that product has. For example, {META:sales}.

{BR} - New line.